We can help encrypt and safeguard critical business data and provide scalable, cloud-based backup solutions to important files. Let us handle the IT tasks like recovering important files and deleted folders and managing your data transfers. Now you can focus on the strategic business initiatives that differentiate your business.

Benefits Of Our Data Services:

Secure backups with limited access

Backup, restore and synchronize your valuable data with minimal effort. With the peace of mind of knowing your backups are safe 24/7, it allows your focus to be on running the business, not the technology.

Recover files after deletion or system errors

important files get accidentally deleted or when crucial crucial files can't be accessed after a computer crash. Our team will look for specific files and folders that are important to you or save your entire drive when possible, as long as the drive is still spinning in one piece.

Keep your files after changing equipment

Did you recently get a new computer? Don't know how to get set up? or have little knowledge or patience getting your data back to how it was on your old machine? Crescent City Technologies can help you get your data from your old computer to your new computer.

What we offer.



Backup to a safe cloud server and schedule your backups to automatically run at a specific time, on a recurring basis. Ensuring your data is continually safe from any local disasters.


Built-in options for comprehensive data backups enabling organizations of all sizes to protect, archive and recover mission-critical workloads, regardless of location.

Scalable Solution

Built to scale with your business. As your backup grows, there are no painful upgrades or wasted time redoing your backup.

Key Benefits

Disaster Ready Data –
Secure access to your backup even if your machines are destroyed.

Complete or Customized –
Quickly backup your entire networks, and workstations, or select specific files to create your own custom backups.

No device purchase necessary –
No need to purchase on-premise servers or maintenance upgrades and repairs, adding to your cost savings.


Broken PC Recovery

Recovering files from broken computers is not an easy feat, but as long as the hard drive is in one piece, we will do our best to save your data.

System Corruption and Crash Recovery

File system corruption and many other problems can get in the way between you and your data. Let us bridge that gap and get your data back for you.

Deleted Files Recovery

Accidents happen. If you deleted your files or accidentally reformatted your hard drive, there's a chance we can still save it.

Key Benefits

Save your files –
Allows our IT team support you in getting your lost data back.

Pinpoint Recovery –
If you only need one specific file or folder, we can pinpoint search and rescue.

Cost Effective –
If we can save it, we will also save you a fortune compared to other recovery providers


Backed Up Externally

We'll keep your data safe and backed up in case any problems occur during transfers.

Custom Migration

Want all files and documents, or just your images and music? It's completely up to you to decide.

Organized Files and Folders

We will do our best to organize your documents and leave them as they were in your old computer, or even better then they were if you'd like.

Key Benefits

Data Migration –
Start using your new machine with the familiarity of your old one.

Complete or Customized –
You decide what you want to keep and we'll do the rest.

Flexible –
Option to use your own external drives for additional backups of your old data.

A plan for everyone.

Three simple ways to get started today.


Cloud Based


Scalable Solution

Cloud Backup


Broken PC Recovery

System Corruption & Crash

Deleted Files Recovery

Get Data Back


Backed Up Externally

Custom Migrations

Organized Files and Folders

Transfer Data

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