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We can help you choose the right VoIP phone with the best system features that fits your business budget. Our complete setup gives you the opportunity to use a better phone service with the relief to break away from expensive phone bills. Now you can focus on the strategic business initiatives that differentiate your business.

Benefits Of VoIP Services:

Do More With impressive phone features

Features like call forwarding, conferencing, and customizable caller IDs allow your business to reach your customers efficiently, while other integrations such as texting, online meetings, even faxing, allows you to do even more without changing systems.

Pay less with a Lower Monthly Bill

Ditch your expensive landline and enjoy a huge potential in savings and greater scalability of your phone systems.

Take it anywhere you go

Incoming calls automatically go through the same business call-routing flows you set up for the office. So you can take your phone with you anywhere you go and still answer calls as if you were in the office.

What we offer.

One phone number. Multiple devices

With simultaneous ring, you get notified of incoming calls on every device so you can always be found.

Easily scales as your business grows

Our VoIP cloud phone systems can be easily configured to support as many phone lines as your business needs.


Your office phone system will run over high-speed internet connection to the cloud, allowing you to use it anywhere.

Key Benefits

Virtually no changes to your current operations –
Transitioning to VoIP is easy and painless. Our full service set up gets your business up and running fast.

Freedom from annoying contracts –
Available on a month-to-month contract basis. A nice change of pace from the traditional phone service with lengthy and expensive contracts.

Portability –
You can make and receive phone calls wherever there is an internet connection.



Call Forwarding

Forward a call internally, or to any number. Even one outside your local network.

Voicemail to Email

Can't answer a call at the office? No worries. Let the caller leave a voicemail, and listen to it later on your email inbox.

Dial-by-Name Directory

No need to remember numbers. This feature allows you to find a person by dialing the first few letters of their names.

Conference calls

Conference calls bridge up-to 50 people at any time.

Custom Answer Machine

Record any customized message that may be recorded or played back to callers.

Music on hold

Allows callers to listen to music while they wait on hold.

Call Recording

Sometimes one wants to record inbound calls for posterity, quality assurance, training, or for other purposes. Call Recording allows you to record any incoming calls and store them on your server.

Group Pickup

Say Jane's phone is ringing and she's away from her keyboard. You can hop desks, dodge coworkers, and display amazing amounts of athleticism getting to her desk before the call goes to voicemail, but wouldn't it be nice to just dial an extension and pickup that call? Now you can!

A solution for everyone.

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